Thursday 20 February 2020
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Why We All Need English Proficiency Skills and 4 Tips on How to Get them

Why We All Need English Proficiency Skills and 4 Tips on How to Get them

Well, let’s review the facts. English is so widely spoken around the world, that it’s considered to be a global language. Even though numbers show that Mandarin Chinese and Spanish are the most widely spoken native languages out there, English is believed to be the number one foreign language throughout the world. Based on multiple sources, there are between 42 and 58 sovereign countries having English as their registered official language. With an estimated 400 million native English speakers throughout the world and approximately 1 billion learning and speaking it as a secondary language, English is now the number one language to learn. English is the internationally used maritime language. It is also used in aviation and computer programming. It is a widely accepted and requested language for both business and research. Many International high rank organizations like the United Nations use English as an official language. Whether it is “everyday” or -professional needs, society these days makes it imperative that we learn English at a proficient level.

English Proficiency Skills

So how to do it? Here are a few tips on how non-native English speakers can learn English and/or improve their language level:

  • A Right Foundation Matters: Start by finding good English courses and identifying the level of language mastery you are at. The step by step language course level system enables people to learn languages in the most efficient way possible. There are a variety of great program courses out there. If you are interested in a good language course but don`t know where to start, try searching for English classes Manchester and/or learn English Manchester.
  • Work on Basics: Start learning the grammar and vocabulary. It is a great foundation to build on. An advanced level of English only comes with you putting in the necessary work, time, and dedication.

Start learning grammar

  • Assess Yourself: Try your hand at the Cambridge and IELTS examinations. The preparation materials for these tests are comprehensive, well structured, and highly efficient.
  • Hone Your Skills: If the previous points are met, it’s time to submerge yourself in an English speaking environment. You already have a great framework. Now it’s time to lean and build on it to improve your English fluency.

Hone Your Skills

Technology, globalization, and conflict have pushed multiculturalism, travel, and emigration at levels higher than ever before. With it, society experiences a natural increase in the language diversity, making English a highly necessary bridge of communication between people. Change is re-shaping what we once knew as reality and English is now the necessary tool for those who want to integrate themselves in this brand new, forming world. We might not know what change looks like but we definitely know how it sounds like. It sounds like English, because it is reshaping itself into the language of change.

learning english online

Author Box : Frank Spark answers why English proficiency is a must these days. He also indicates about specialized courses like English classes Manchester that equip you better with the different types of language usage.