Monday 24 February 2020
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Why have a student guardian in Singapore

Why have a student guardian in Singapore

Singapore is a great place to study, play and have fun growing up in. The country has went from third world to first world income in a short span of 50 years. With no natural resources to anchor itself on, Singapore has been able to carve out a path for itself even though the world has been harsh all this while.

With such a great record, studying in Singapore is a great option for one to learn more about the world and Asia through this small little country. Studying here also allows you to meet people from all walks of life and all level of society.

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So why you should consider having a student guardian if you are sending your child to Singapore to study?

  1. Student guardians act as parents when you are away.

When your child is in an overseas location, how best to keep track of their progress and also to be able to check on them when you need to then to go through a student guardian who is responsible of the wellbeing and also the safety of the child. Student guardians are also able to watch on the discipline of the child and act in place of the parents if there are any misbehaving carried out on the part of the students. Homestay in Singapore provides such great service

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Students will also have someone to talk to in the absence of their parents as growing up children may have various questions that they are curious about.

  1. Student guardians act as a friend

Student guardians are also able to give student advice as they grow up. Learning from so many children at the same time and of course having been gone through all that the child has gone through, they can also act as close friends to be there for the child if the child needs some emotional times and need someone to be there to care for and understand them.

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  1. Student guardians are not expense

Student guardianship services in Singapore comes together with homestay, so you could choose to stay near the guardians in their homestay and tap on the free or if not nominal cost of having a student guardian. Cost could be way lower than renting an apartment.

Find out more about student guardianship today.