Thursday 20 February 2020
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Review of Non-personal communication with clients

Review of Non-personal communication with clients

Non-personal communication is the way that a website communicates with those who access it with the need of a personal factor. A good website should be able to communicate well with the people who visit. This is especially helpful if the company that the website represents does not have 24-hour customer service for the people who visit the website.

Unemployed Professors, a company that is based in Montreal, relies heavily on the internet and therefore, their website. The company and its website were founded in 2011. It offers a variety of writing services to a wide demography of students ranging from high school to advanced degrees. These services are grouped into four major categories; writing services, dissertation and thesis services, editing services and assignment services. Other services include resume and admission services.

The nature of the services offered makes communication between writers and clients very necessary. This is possible through a direct messaging feature in the website. However, it is possible to have a writer missing or away from their computer in order to attend to other matters. This is where non-personal communication such as FAQs and instructions come in.


Frequently Asked questions are a popular way to answer questions from clients without website management and a help-desk member having to be physically available. This not only reduces the manpower needed to take care of customers’ questions but also ensures that management does not keep answering the same questions over and over again.

Commonly asked questions are compiled and put in a page with an apt answer to them below them. Clients are then requested to check for their question in the FAQ page before asking it again on the help desk.

The FAQ page on Unemployed Professors is not only detailed, but also a breath of fresh air. It is a simple section with a dozen frequent questions and answers that answer some general questions. If clients do not find answers on the FAQ page, they can visit the Contact Us page and post their questions there.

Detailed Instructions

Another way that websites ensure that clients questions are answered even when nobody is around is by ensuring that the questions do not get a chance to come up. It is widely accepted that questions arise mainly due to ambiguous and unclear instructions. By ensuring that instructions are clear, a website creator can make sure that client’s questions are reduced to the barest minimum.

When it comes to detailed instructions, Unemployed Professors seem to have mastered the skill. Each page is simple, concise and direct to the point. More critical pages like the Sign-Up page and Create New Project (allows a user to create an order) are made as clear as possible.

About us

More but less important instructions can be found on the about us page of the Unemployed Professors website. These just give basic information about the website and informs about the users about simple processes like how to go about posting a project and how the website works.


This website performs very well on non-personal communication. A user can easily access the website, create an account, deposit cash onto the Unemployed Professor account, post a project and get the paper back without having to even post a question to management. This site is very recommended if you like working without much asking about.