Monday 24 February 2020
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Main Reasons why You Can’t Get a Job

Main Reasons why You Can’t Get a Job

Every job seeker tends to ask the reason why they are still unemployed. But it is not fair and accurate to put the unemployment blame only to the job seekers themselves. Employers are not all perfect also. In today’s job market, a lot of the standard practices have been changed by technology. So, both employers and job seekers are into a new ball game. So why haven’t you found a job? A lot of reasons exist why many people are still unemployed. The following are some of them.

You are Unemployed

According to data, consciously or unconsciously, a lot of employers discriminate against those who have no job specifically those who have been jobless for over six months. To overcome this, it is important to have a well-cultivated and maintained professional image over the web. This includes a complete LinkedIn profile and visibility in LinkedIn groups. Also, try to be meticulous in terms of your public persona and your correspondence with all employers- definitely no grammatical and spelling errors.

Reasons Cant Get Job

You Haven’t Put your Best Foot Forward

In order to be successful in your job search, show your best efforts although this can be challenging after you have sought for a job for months. Competition is keen, thus employers can truly be picky. So before you apply for a job, be ready to respond to every job opportunity. Improve your visibility and activity on LinkedIn. Also, prepare yourself for every job interview. Try to be more impressive and competitive than other job seekers. Know more about your chosen market and make use of your acquired knowledge.

You are not networking enough

People who are not employed are usually embarrassed. Thus, they try to avoid getting out and meeting some people. In fact, some even try to avoid their family and friends. This is not a good thing for any job search. To overcome this, never think of this as a networking rather a getting together with important people and having fun. Try to leave your computer for some time and go out there. Get in touch with a former boss or colleague who might be able to give you links to your target employers.

During family gatherings and job interviews, be comfortable answering uncomfortable questions such as:

  • What are you looking for? Try to help people to help you by offering them important keywords. Inform them the kind of jobs and employers you want.
  • What happened to your previous job? Provide an answer which does not trash your previous employer. Always keep your answer short, factual and neutral.
  • Where do you wish to work? You have to answer this question based on your target employers. Whatever is right for you, never try to keep options open through vagueness. Try to be quite specific.

Go for It

The world is not perfect. Never accept all the blame for your unemployment as the majority of employers could actually improve their process and how they treat those who are looking for a job. Always make your best efforts when looking for a job and read important resources online like job finder sites.