Monday 24 February 2020
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Have You Optimized Your Resume? Know Why Your Resume Is Not Getting the Desired Attention!

Have You Optimized Your Resume? Know Why Your Resume Is Not Getting the Desired Attention!

Days and even weeks may have passed since you pressed that ‘Submit’ button and uploaded your resume on different forums. Haven’t there been any phone calls, mails, or communication till now from the employer’s side? What went wrong?

Optimize Resume

Does this situation sound too familiar to you? Well, you may get surprised to know that almost 70 percent of resumes don’t come across human eyes. This happens because employers don’t have that much time to address each and every resume when they get hundreds and thousands of job applications. Companies use software called Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to extract the relevant information from resumes and route it to the ATS database. The information collected through the software is used by the system to assign scores to resumes on the basis of how well it matches with the job description, and then candidates are ranked accordingly. Logically, resumes that score good are taken forward and rest are just binned.

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Optimization is a very vital term in today’s e-generation. When you go online, the effectiveness of your effort is highly dependent on how optimized your work is. Similarly, if you want to make sure that your resume is getting the right attention, you have to optimize your resume for ranking high in the ATS. The simplest and the smartest way out is to hire executive resume writing service. They are professional experts in this area and they exactly know how to put you ahead of others in the job hunt race.

Below are some useful pointers for getting good resume score:

  1. Use Employer’s Language in Your Resume: Just go through the job description provided by the employer to know what skills they are looking for. Identify important keywords, jargon, and buzzwords of the industry that is being used most frequently by the employer. Make sure you use those words in your resume relevantly. ATS will spot these words and pull your data.

Use EmployerLanguage

  1. No Graphics and Images: The software does not understand any image or graphic, so don’t waste your time with that assuming it will create a good impression.
  1. Stick to Simple Formatting: Do not make your resume too jazzy with colorful fonts and stylish font styles. Stick to basic corporate fonts like Georgia, Arial, Courier, or trebuchet. The most web-safe font color is black- no blues and greys. Using fancy borders and shades will just create a bad impression. Put your points in bullet.

Simple Formatting

  1. Hidden Keywords: Please do not stuff the keywords too smartly by putting it in white text so that it is not visible also and you can rank high at the same time. Think twice before doing such cheap tricks.
  1. Improvise Your Skills Section: Many times, ATS is programmed to shortlist resumes based on technical and special skills. Don’t forget to mention the special skills you would have attained, which are relevant to the job role. Use industry-specific acronyms or abbreviations to describe such skills in order to get recognized. Experience is another important section that is stressed upon.

Optimize Resume Skills

Most of us prepare and update our resume once and just keep posting the same for every job. This is a very wrong way and you will never ever get noticed. Every job has different expectations and by going through the job specifications you will know the keywords and then you can use the same in your resume.

Author Bio: Paula Asinof is a Senior HR Consultant in a reputed IT company. With an industry experience of more than 15 years, she is a recruitment specialist. She has learned a lot in her corporate tenure and thus shares her valuable insights through blogs to help the masses.