Monday 24 February 2020
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Become an Competent Professional after Learning MS Excel

Become an Competent Professional after Learning MS Excel

If you want to become a competent IT professional, you should learn MS Excel religiously because it gives you the basic knowledge about how data can be maintained, retrieved and worked upon. In many companies, IT professionals with in-depth knowledge are required from time to time. They have a lot of tasks which can only be completed on the worksheets. It is imperative for any student to learn the basics of this program along with other vital details.

What is an Excel workbook?

It is a file used in MS Excel to organize data, worksheets, charts, graphs and other objects related to Excel. The information is used widely in various companies, offices and even for personal use. This program facilitates the companies to maintain their database in Excel files, which can be represented to the clients, other employees and managers to look upon. The data can be retrieved, maintained and even edited at any point of time. Excel workbook consists of worksheets in which the data can easily be categorized as per the requirements of the users. Using these sheets, you can save, maintain, edit, and manipulate data, graphs and charts.1

Features and tools of MS Excel

A lot of features and tools make this program the best in IT industry to save a huge chunks of data. Some of the features consist of ability to rename, create and edit multiple worksheets, graphs and charts. The users can also store custom commands and menus within a particular worksheet. The common features also include ribbon and macros. With the help of quick access toolbar, the users are able to customize the workbook in different ways. Some of the tools include menu and backstage view which allows the users to edit the worksheet properly. Freezing pane and custom views can help the users to access the images of key parts of the workbook. Using exporting & importing features allow users to receive and send data from different workbooks.

You will be able to export the file in different formats in the existing formats. It gives you the flexibility to edit the data according to your requirements and tasks.2

Protecting your workbook

You should know that it is easier to protect your work in your Excel workbook. In some companies where data is highly confidential, password protected sheets are used. With the help of Password Encryption option, you will be able to protect your workbook and worksheet in the best manner. Your data can only be accessed after you enter the password. With the help of custom views and freeze pane, you can choose to show or hide the data on various occasions.

If you want to learn Excel in a better way, you should always keep Excel help open in front of you. This file has the answers to all your queries, which you may have while working with Excel workbooks. Alternatively, you can log onto the internet to access various high quality sites such as, which make your learning the best experience.